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Tula Pink

Tula Pink's True Colors Fabric - Mineral Amethyst

Tula Pink's True Colors Fabric - Mineral Amethyst

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100% Cotton fabric, sold by the 1/4 meter (example: order "1" and get 0.25 meters of fabric. Order 2 and get 0.5 meters of fabric, order "4" and get 1 meter of fabric

Tula's “True Colors” is a collection of designs that are available in the core colors that make up the World of Tula Pink. These essential pieces are designed to highlight and enhance the pieces in my core fabric collections. She designed each piece of her True Colors to serve a specific purpose in support of her fabric collections and also to stand on their own as a vibrant expression of color and print. “Fairy Dust”, which we met in the Pinkerville collection proved so vital as a background print that I have exploded it out into a collection of bright pastels that create a perfect backdrop to the bolder colors of my other fabrics. The print colors largely stay the same as the original while the background colors have been selected in soft ghost colors of their more saturated counterparts. It’s tossed design is non-directional with plenty of interest. No one ever said that a background needed to be boring. “Mineral” is a new print that uses lines to create a densely detailed interpretation of natural stone formations like agate or malachite. The background color and line color visually combine to create a textured solid that changes in mood as you approach it. “Wildflower” is a bold silhouette of tangled blooming vines in high contrast color combinations. These florals are not meant to blend in but to highlight interesting color combinations that can kick start a quilt and bring the whole thing to life. The final print is called “Hexy” and comes in two variations. There are eight 3 color versions and 4 rainbow ombre versions. Both versions of Hexy serve the same purpose, to add a hard geometric to the two existing ones in Poms and Stripes. The three structured pieces nicely balance the three new organic designs.


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