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Sue Spargo

Sue Spargo's Gold Eye Chenille Size 24 Needles

Sue Spargo's Gold Eye Chenille Size 24 Needles

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Sue's new Gold Eye Chenille #24 is the must have needle for wool applique and embroidery. Its gold eye allows for easier threading, and its ultra-sharp point pierces through multiple layers of wool with ease. As with her entire collection, these needles are Made in Japan and are double polished for exceptional performance. What's the need for a #24 Chenille needle? The Chenille #24 is by far our most widely used needle. Use with Ellana wool thread for wool applique and for all embroidery stitches (excluding wrapped/cast-on) utilizing size 8 equivalent threads.

  • Size 24; long oval eye
  • 4/Tube
  • green tube = use with green spool (Eleganza #8)
  • Other threads: Razzle, Dazzle, Ribbon Floss Shimmer
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