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Sue Spargo

Folk-Tails - Wool Felt Applique - Sue Spargo

Folk-Tails - Wool Felt Applique - Sue Spargo

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  • Quilt Pattern Book
  • 8.5" x 11", full color, softcover
  • Pages: 119
  • Self Published by Sue Spargo
  • Includes African Folk-tale Short Stories
  • Bonus Pattern - for Folk-tails Workbox

From Sue: 

Childhood memories continually fill my mind… the beauty of the land that is rich with wildlife and wildland. I can feel the hot African sun and dry breeze on my skin, the warm,  rough sand beneath my bare feet, the smell of the bushveld — dusty and dry and filled with the scent of the animals that live there. I can see the sky so clear and so blue. Nightfall brings a massive river of shimmering stars that span the sky. The land is spotted with dense clusters of trees; the bare branches of the Baobab look like roots extending to the sky. Masses of tall grasses camouflage the seemingly endless numbers of animals that live there. I hear the songs of a thousand birds during the day and the silence of a pitch-black night is at times broken by the roar of a lion which shakes my body and cuts straight through my soul…   

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