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Floral Star Revival Quilt Block Pattern

Floral Star Revival Quilt Block Pattern

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Free quilt pattern for a 20" square quilt block. 

Step into a world of beauty and tradition with the "Floral Star Revival" quilt block pattern. It's inspired by the incredible quilting skills of my great-great-grandmother, Elizabeth Sawyer Chapman, who was born in 1867 and passed away in 1958. Her original quilt still hangs proudly in my mom's house, representing the spirit of past generations.


I'm thrilled to share the "Floral Star Revival" quilt block pattern with you, absolutely free to explore and experiment. This pattern is a chance to revive and reimagine Elizabeth's beautiful creation, giving it a modern twist. Let's honor the past while bringing new life to the present.


Get ready for a world of layout ideas and endless possibilities within the "Floral Star Revival" pattern. Let your creativity run wild as you play with rotations, sizes, colors, and different block arrangements. It's your chance to craft a quilt that tells your unique story, whether you prefer vibrant, bold contrasts or soothing, harmonious tones.


Together, let's celebrate Elizabeth Sawyer Chapman's legacy and embark on a shared journey through quilting heritage. Embrace the "Floral Star Revival" pattern and with every stitch, pay homage to those who came before us while making your own mark on this timeless art form.


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