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Elizabeth Hartman

Dog Park Quilt Pattern - Elizabeth Hartman

Dog Park Quilt Pattern - Elizabeth Hartman

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Tippi, Cookie, Bernadette, Pickles, Lucky, Ginger, Edgar, Wadsworth, Buttercup, Jeff, and Clover are all ready to play in the dog park. These happy pups are pieced using conventional patchwork techniques. No templates or paper piecing! 

The pattern includes a detailed chart showing the specific fabrics I used to make my samples, but don’t hesitate to make different fabric/color choices! I’ve tried to keep some of the block designs ambiguous enough to be interpreted as different types of dogs, so you can have fun mixing and matching fabrics to make blocks that look more like your own furry friends.

Dog Park includes instructions for making a 68” x 86” Large Quilt with Tennis Ball Borders, a 68” x 72” Large Quilt, a 55” x 60” Medium Quilt, and a 40” x 50” Small Quilt. Please refer to the pattern back image for more details.

Pattern Size

68" x 86", 68" x 72", 55" x 60, or 40" x 50"

Techniques Used

Traditional Piecing, rotary cutting, ¼" seams

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