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Flower Play Sampler Series Quilt Kit - Sue Spargo Wool Felt Embroidery

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Creative Stitching Book
Ellana Wool Thread Kit
Eleganza Thread Kit

Includes pattern and wool for a 15 ½" x 22" wallhanging. You will need to add threads, backing, batting and binding. 

Requires the book "Creative Stitching Second Edition" by Sue Spargo for stitch instructions. Full stitching instructions are given for three flowers, the rest are up to you to play with!

The quilt in our photo isn't finished! We have the wool stitched down, but have yet to do the decorative stitching! Stay tuned as we finish off our project. 

Ellana Wool Thread kit includes: 08-Turquoise, 34-Sun Yellow, 46-Mango, 47-Pumpkin, 42-Holly Berry, 23-Flamingo, 50-Parchment, 59-Dogwood Rose, 37-Very Berry, 09-Amazon Green

Eleganza Pearle Cotton Thread Kits include a variety of Sue Spargo's Eleganza threads to match your wool fabrics. We choose these to match each project, and don't have a set collection. We are happy to work around your existing thread collection to ensure you don't get duplicates! Kits include 8, 5 and 3 weight threads.