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Quilting From The Heart

Balconyburg Retreat-Style Class - November 14-18 2023

Balconyburg Retreat-Style Class - November 14-18 2023

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Join Kathleen in the exciting process of creating your very own Balconyburg block! Whether you prefer starting from scratch or utilizing Kathleen's brilliant designs, you have the freedom to craft a balcony that captures the essence of any season, be it Christmas, Halloween, Summer, Fall, or any other theme you desire.

Together, we will embark on a creative journey, discussing the intricacies of constructing your building and curating the perfect design for your balcony. You can let your imagination run wild as you brainstorm and customize every element.

Once your vision is finalized, we will delve into the art of applique, carefully affixing each component to your balcony block. Kathleen will share her expertise, providing valuable insights and tips to ensure your applique work is seamless and professional.

As we progress, a world of embroidery techniques will be at your disposal to breathe life into your creation. From intricate stitching patterns to vibrant thread colors, you'll have the power to make your balcony burst with charm and character. We'll explore various embroidery styles and applications, enabling you to add depth, texture, and personality to every element of your design.

Throughout this journey, Kathleen will guide and inspire you, offering guidance on color combinations, stitch selection, and embellishments. The result will be a stunning balcony block that showcases your unique style and creativity.

So, get ready to unleash your artistic spirit and join Kathleen in the enchanting adventure of crafting your own Balconyburg block. Together, we'll transform your balcony into a vibrant haven, radiating with the magic of your chosen season or theme.

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